1. D

    Study Buddy Can NRI Take Admissions at NIT Surathkal?

    Yes, NIT Surathkal offers admissions to NRI (Non-Resident Indian) students through the DASA (Direct Admission of Students Abroad) scheme. For NRI applicants, JEE Main scores in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry are considered instead of JEE Main scores used for domestic admissions. Eligibility...
  2. N

    Study Buddy BOARD EXAM

    Looking for BOARD EXAM study buddy/ies.
  3. uruetet

    Study Buddy Online Certification Courses

    Our Online Certification Courses help you get your business ready for an in-demand career field in less than a year. This Industrial Certificate teaches you a lot of valuable skills in the industry, giving you hands-on experience.
  4. D

    Study Buddy English teaching courses

    I'm looking for a partner in studying teaching courses. To discuss questions and materials in order to come to right answers and more clear understanding. Really, really hope to find one, because I can't just start next modules without discussing.
  5. FutureLearn

    FutureLearn Become a Pharmacy Preceptor

    Overview Good internship programs are vital for training healthcare providers well - that’s why effective pharmacy preceptors, the teachers who guide students through their pharmacy training, are so important. This course will provide those looking to become internship preceptors, in the...
  6. MoocLab

    Brand New MOOCs For June 2018

    Discover brand new courses in Computer Science, Data Science, Business, Science, Education, Personal Development, Healthcare and more. The following list of MOOCs are available to start in June on Coursera, edX and Futurelearn. Sign up to our Newsletters to get our Course Tracker...
  7. MoocLab

    Brand New MOOCs For May 2018

    Discover 38 new courses in Computer Science, Data Science, Business, Engineering, Health & Medicine, Humanities, Social Sciences, Education and more. The following list of MOOCs are available to start in May on Coursera, edX and Futurelearn. Sign up to our Newsletters to get our Course...
  8. Carolyn

    Introducing MoocLab's New Job Board

    Connecting you to MOOC-Friendly Employers MoocLab is excited to announce a new job board putting you in touch with employers who recognise the value of candidates who develop their skillset through online education. People who pursue their education online are driven, hard-working...
  9. Chris Fellingham

    Who are the right partners for professional skills?

    In a recent interview, Jeff Maggioncalda CEO of Coursera put in the latest plug for Coursera for Business. For those of us trying to read the tea leaves on this, it seems likely that the rumours of a Coursera pivot towards B2B (they’ve gone from 30 to 500 companies over 2017) as opposed to B2C...
  10. Carolyn

    Do MOOCs have the power to shape the future of education?

    Written by Carolyn McIntyre, CEO & Founder of MoocLab I recently had the honour of speaking at the EdTechXEurope summit which was held in London on June 16th, 2016. I was part of a panel of 4 experts invited to talk about "Trends to Watch in 2016", where we all explored trends that are shaping...
  11. Andrew Howe

    How to Keep on Studying when You are Over 20

    Do you remember those days of studying at school? Let's call a spade a spade: Children don't like schools and the educational process in total: it seems to be too boring and time-consuming for them. I remember my childhood when I would do everything except studying. And I believe that I was...
  12. Carolyn

    Discussion Reflections on Learning with MOOCs

    Share your thoughts, tips and experiences of learning with MOOCs and online courses.