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How to Keep on Studying when You are Over 20

Posted in 'Articles by the MoocLab Community' started by Andrew Howe, Jan 14, 2016.

By Andrew Howe on Jan 14, 2016 at 3:55 PM
  1. Andrew Howe

    Andrew Howe New Member

    Do you remember those days of studying at school?

    Let's call a spade a spade:

    Children don't like schools and the educational process in total: it seems to be too boring and time-consuming for them. I remember my childhood when I would do everything except studying. And I believe that I was not the only one.

    Time goes by so fast, and now we have an absolutely different attitude towards education. Growing up, we realize that learning gives us a great opportunity to achieve success, and we start looking for new ways to enroll courses or universities. Although you have a big desire to study when you are over 20, it's a hard thing to do as you have a career, relations, and family. And it is the biggest problem: people don't have time.


    Here's the kicker:

    Most people are waiting for some 'special' event to come: Monday, new month, new season, new year… It seems we are looking for some magic day when all people should start living a new life. However, it is a simple procrastination, and there is no need to find a date, you can start learning something new now.

    If you want to keep on studying, you can learn top 5 ways how to do it when you are over 20.

    Enroll MOOCs

    Living in the digital era, people should get the most out of it. As it is a time of progressive technologies, people can start saving time by studying online. Here at MoocLab, we know a lot about MOOCs and ways to enroll online courses. If you want to keep studying even without having enough time, you should find MOOCs that suit your needs (interest, time, level, etc.).

    Reasons to enroll MOOCs:
    • distance education
    • time flexibility
    • certificates to prove your knowledge
    • offers from the best universities worldwide
    • cheap way to obtain knowledge
    Once you pick a course, read a review and take a look at the quantity of people who have already enrolled in it. Don't waste your time on mediocre courses, choose the best ones.

    Find a New Hobby

    No matter what hobby you have, whether it is reading, drawing, or singing, it is great that you have something that brings you joy. However, finding a new hobby can be beneficial for your self-development.

    Being fond of writing, I've done research that adverbs can weaken our language. This controversial question boosted my interested, and I've created a tool. Now, I keep on reading interesting insights about languages, and it is my new hobby.

    Once you want to find something interesting, surf the Internet and get a new hobby that will help you improve your skills.

    Evening Courses

    If you want to obtain knowledge but you don't have time to attend university, you can find evening courses that provide classes on different topics. The benefit is that you don't need to sacrifice your work or family, just pick up a course which time schedule suits your needs. Plus, as evening courses are offline, it gives you a chance to meet new people and don't quit studying.

    Attend Educational Events

    If you work for a company, your boss should be interested in your self-development and, therefore, you can attend educational events to obtain knowledge. It is a good way to not only learn something new but meet new influential people as well.

    Types of educational events:
    • webinars
    • seminars
    • master classes
    • corporate events
    Next time you're invited to educational events, don't hesitate to accept this invitation. The process of learning goes far beyond the walls of the university.

    Expand Your Horizons

    There is no secret that the educational process is eternal. You can learn something new daily, and there are many ways to do it: traveling, communicating, courses, art, etc. However, one of the most actionable ways is communicating with gurus in your niche. Thus, you can expand your horizons and get insights that can give you new opportunities.

    Final thoughts

    Once John Dewey said, “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”

    No matter how old you are, you can keep on studying always. The only one thing I've learned over the last years is that you need desire and that's all. When you want to achieve something, you will do your best.
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Posted in 'Articles by the MoocLab Community' started by Andrew Howe, Jan 14, 2016.

    1. Carolyn
      This is a great article, @Andrew Howe . Thanks so much for sharing. It is true that in these times, we are very fortunate with the vast amount of educational resources that are freely available on the net. The problem we have though is knowing which are worth exploring and which are a waste of time. That's where MoocLab can help. We're always on the lookout for highly rated courses and platforms to help guide our visitors to the best options. :)
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    2. Andrew Howe
      Andrew Howe
      Carolyn, I believe that MoocLab is useful for both students and postgraduates. Being in the process of self-development means being happy and achieve more! Thanks for helping us ;)
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