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    High School & Higher Education Students, General Interest
    Maths, statistics, accounting, sciences, humanities, social sciences, economics, business & English composition, World Languages, Learning Strategies
    Type of learning:
    Academic, General Interest
    Course type:
    Free & paid self-paced online courses & tutorials
    College credits
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    Sophia logo 2.jpg
    Sophia is an educational platform providing both free resources for teachers and students and Sophia Pathways for College Credit: 20 low-cost self-paced online courses offering college credit eligible for transfer to more than 2,000 colleges and universities in the US.

    Sophia Pathways for College Credit are 60-day programs costing $329 each that you may start at any time and learn on your own schedule. There are no classes to attend or weekly assignments to complete. Students can choose to learn from multiple instructors or choose the one they like best. Students learn flexible problem solving skills and the instructors use real world situations. Sophia Learning Coaches are available by chat, email and phone to offer support. Each course page gives the user an optional tour of the course’s features, a course overview and a downloadable student guide.

    Sophia currently has three US partner institutions where credit transfer is guaranteed, although their course credits may be transferable to other college and university programs that recognise the ACE (American Council on Educations) Credit recommendation scheme.

    Sophia for Teachers & Students
    Sophia also provides professional development courses for teachers as well as free resources for teachers and for students in middle school, high school and college. The 37,000+ free crowd-sourced tutorials for students include ACT Test Prep (Preparation for entry into US colleges) and Homework Help tutorials in core subjects delivered via videos, screencasts and real-world scenarios. Students can rate tutorials, ask and answer questions, earn badges, and can follow the Quizpoint leader board featuring members with the most points. Users can also use the free “Ego Meter” and Learning Preference Assessment tool which assesses a student’s preferred method of learning.

    Tools & Features
    Sophia Pathways for College Credit

    • 20 low-cost self-paced online courses for college credit ($329 each)
    • 30-day money back guarantee & 3-part payment plan
    • Course “Tour” prior to purchase
    • User dashboard for progress tracking
    • Course Milestones
    • ID Verification Milestone using a third-party online proctoring partner
    • Tutorials to aid with challenges
    • Live chat for support
    • Course reviews
    Sophia for Students
    • 37,000+ homework help tutorials (free)
    • ACT Prep tutorials
    • Tutorial ratings
    • Q&A boards
    • Badges & points
    • “Ego Meter” and Learning Preference Assessment tool
    Sophia Pathways online course credits are eligible for transfer to Sophia’s partner institutions as well as over 2000 additional colleges and universities via the American Council on Education's College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT®).
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Recent Reviews

  1. Carolyn
    "Affordable Online courses for credit"
    Number of courses:
    Partner Institutions:
    Course format:
    Social tools & features:
    Interface usability:
    Pros - Low-cost interactive college courses for credit
    ACE CREDIT® Recommended courses
    Fun & engaging interface
    Vast library of free tutorials for middle school, high school and college level
    Resources for teachers
    Variety of fun social tools and features
    Cons - Limited number of college courses for credit
    Guaranteed credit transfer with 3 institutions only
    Variable quality in the free crowd-sourced tutorials
    Overall Sophia offers a fun and engaging social learning experience whether taking a low-cost college course for credit or using one of their free tutorials.


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