COVID-19 - University Rankings by MOOC Performance

MoocLab's COVID-19 University Rankings aim to showcase those universities that have offered the best provision through MOOCs to help students, teachers and professionals impacted by the cornoavirus pandemic.

For the purposes of these rankings, we only looked at universities that deliver MOOCs on either Coursera, edX or FutureLearn. The rankings only include universities that have offered free course certificates on some of their open online courses and/or those that have developed courses specifically in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

In total, 62 universities were reviewed based on six performance indicators that measure an institution’s performance across the number of MOOCs provided, the provision of course programs - both for-credit and not-for-credit programs, degrees, the number of courses offering free course certificates and the number of courses developed in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

If you are unfamiliar with MOOCs, see MoocLab's MOOC Help Centre.

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RANKInstitutionMOOCsCourse Programs Without CreditCourse Programs with CreditDegreesFree Course CertificatesCOVID Courses
1University of Leeds (UK) More 80730150
2Johns Hopkins University (USA) More98110054
3The Open University (UK) More6267303
4University of Michigan (USA) More152157331
5Deakin University (AUS) More 3102690
6Duke University (USA) More 6361080
7Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (ESP) More4620071
8Tecnológico de Monterrey (MEX) More71103060
9Coventry University (UK) More79202030
10University of Pennsylvania (USA) More141181121
11Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (MEX) More103100060
12Universidad de los Andes (COL) More3641260
13Wageningen University & Research (NLD) More4063002
14Monash University (AUS) More1811060
15University of British Columbia (CAN) More3702002
16Imperial College London (UK) More49110221
17King's College London (UK) More1700060
18University of Toronto (CAN) More3040031
19Queensland University of Technology (AUS) More2331050
20University of Florida More1500031