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  1. A

    Study Buddy Looking for a Indian High School Study Buddy and a friend

    Hey, I need a study buddy to concentrate on studies and also a friend to have fun during breaks and talk when felling bored. We can help each other with doubts and have fun as well. Message me if you are interested.
  2. A

    Study Buddy Need a Indian High School Study Partner

    Heya, This is Aswath. I am looking for a study partner who is in High School and located in India. When we are study partners, we could concentrate more on studies and help each other with doubts. Message me if you are interested :))
  3. rae.shr

    Study Buddy Looking for a high school study buddy

    Hello, I'm a sophomore and I'm looking for a high schooler from another country to study, share notes, and keep up with (preferably a sophomore like myself). We can also motivate each other. I'm a female and I don't care about your gender. And my GMT is +3:30.
  4. K

    Study Buddy Need a study buddy

    Hey I'm khyati. I'm an humanities student and I need a study buddy anyone who is interested can hit me up.
  5. O

    Study Buddy looking for a study buddy :)

    hello! i'm a high school student from canada going into grade 11, and i'm looking for study buddies who can help me maintain accountability during the summer. we can help each other if you're also struggling with motivation and doing work. lmk if you're interested!
  6. V

    Study Buddy finding a study buddy in any subject

    Hii. I'm looking for a study buddy and no matter what you will study during our meeting (mute but cam on). We can study for about 40' then have a little break about 10'. My available time is 8:30'-10:30' (GMT+3). Go join with me. Welcome all of you!!
  7. novah7901

    Study Buddy highschool study buddy for motivation!

    hi im novah, 17 y/o, any pronouns, UTC -4 timezone and i hav a lot of missing assignments so would love to hav someone to motivate me and also help motivate them and study together ! free to call in discord, google meet, or zoom. hav a gr8 day<3
  8. Tvisha

    Study Buddy Need a study partner

    I'm in high school and looking for a partner for motivation. I'm not really used to studying and I have to study subjects I don't like for another year. Any timezone or country is fine. I enjoy watching the office and K dramas. I'm really into true crime.
  9. Study - B Room

    Study - B Room

    Purpose: a Zoom room where students can meet and study. Description: classic Zoom room set up. Mics are off. Camera is optional. Good morals and public safety is highest priority.
  10. C

    Are there any good MOOC courses for high school students?

    Hi. I'm still in high school and I've recently heard about MOOC courses. Can anyone recommend any good courses for highschoolers please? Thanks
  11. Udemy

    Crowdsourced Udemy

    An online learning platform that allows anyone to host their own video courses, which cover a huge variety of topics from photography to cooking to programming. Udemy does not require specialized expertise or credentials to create and sell a course on the platform and all the courses are created...
  12. Khan Academy

    Free Khan Academy

    Khan Academy is one of the leaders in free online education, with a primary focus on K-12 level education. It offers a personalized learning resource for all ages with practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace...