1. A

    Study Buddy looking for board exam study buddy

    I am looking for a board exam study buddy.
  2. MyLifeInTheClouds

    Study Buddy Looking for a Study Buddy for Algebra.

    Hello everyone. I am looking for someone to trade study techniques, note taking techniques, planner tips, organization tips, supplies recommendations amoungst other school related things. I am also looking for someone in college or university that I can study lower level algebra with. Preferably...
  3. K

    Study Buddy Looking for an ambitious partner to study together, with strict adherence to agreed time (undergrad)

    (PS: have found my partner) Undergraduate here, UK time zone. Looking for someone to do this with me: (a) UTC +0 from 1400 to 2200, with a one-hour break for dinner, at least five days per week (excluded lab days); (b) Mosty sit in silence studying own material; (c) Skype/ Teams/ Zoom...
  4. Study - B Room

    Study - B Room

    Purpose: a Zoom room where students can meet and study. Description: classic Zoom room set up. Mics are off. Camera is optional. Good morals and public safety is highest priority.
  5. K

    Study Buddy Join our study group :) link below

    Hello! I just created a girls-only Skype group, you can join at Join conversation Alternatively, you can join the mixed-gender group at Join conversation Please note that its a *silent* study session, mic is to be muted and videos have to be on :)
  6. S

    Study Buddy Looking for a study Buddy

    Hey there, I’m from the UK and currently studying Business Management at university - would like to try out studying with company (same or different subjects, makes no difference). Covid has changed a lot of social aspects for me and I imagine the majority of us! Chatting and having a laugh is...
  7. Megan

    Study Buddy Looking for Someone to Study With - I Study for 5 hours+ Per Day

    Subjects can vary. The goal of having a study-buddy here is have someone on the other end motivating you. Both people will study, but will also be in charge of nagging, motivating and encouraging their study buddy to...well, you guessed it, study! Monitoring the other person's screen is...