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  • Best for:
    Business professionals, young professionals just starting their career, career development
    Microsoft Products, Business, Finance, Tech, Data Science & analytics
    Type of learning:
    Software training & skill-based
    Course type:
    Short to in-depth. Self-paced
    Yes, accreditation from CPD UK for Microsoft courses
    Learning pathways:
    Mobile Apps:
    Excel with Business.jpg Formed in 2009, Excel with Business was created by founders Marc, Vin and Chris to solve a problem close to their hearts – ineffective Microsoft Excel training. As three Strategy and Management Consultants they understood the importance of being able to apply MS Excel skills in a business context.

    The main issue was that too many Excel courses were focussing on the software functionality rather than how that was applicable in business. They taught everything, creating long and laborious courses – rather than focusing on the most business-relevant parts of Excel… so an idea was born:

    A business relevant Excel training course that was affordable and personalised to each person taking it.

    The first Excel course quickly attracted over 100,000 users. Fast forward a few years and we have expanded our focus on improving personal productivity and helping people achieve their career ambitions through a comprehensive library of 50+ Microsoft and Business training courses. The principles of getting the right training to the right user remain and has become more sophisticated through the introduction of the filter on many courses.

    Excel with Business have in-house Microsoft experts that write the courses and run live classes and all courses are written by subject matter experts, many of which are published and have years of industry and academic experience.

    Price Plan
    You can buy all courses individually or take out membership which provides you with unlimited access to the course library and live classes:
    Annual Membership: £149 / $199 year
    Monthly Membership: £19 / $29 month

    Tools & Features

    • Nº Courses: 100+
    • Free Previews
    • Personalised user dashboard
    • Progress tracking
    • Course "Bundles" for m ore in-depth learning
    • Learner support
    • Accreditation from CPD UK for Microsoft courses
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