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  • Best for:
    Professionals, general interest
    Accounting and Finance, Business, College Readiness, Computer Applications, Design and Composition, Health Care and Medical, Language and Arts, Law and Legal, Personal Development, Teaching and Education, Technology
    Type of learning:
    Skill-based, general interest
    Course type:
    Self-paced interactive online training courses
    Upon successful completion of the career programs, graduates are awarded a certificate of completion.
    Learning pathways:
    Career programs
    Mobile Apps:
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    Ed2go offers affordable online learning for adults through a network of over 2,100 top colleges and universities, and other organizations. The course offerings are designed for either personal enrichment or to learn or enhance a particular work-based skill. Each course is instructor-led, and offers peer-to-peer discussions, and practical information. The self-paced courses are accessed online with a new session of each course starting monthly. Each 6-week course costs $149 and is composed of 12 lessons, representing 24 hours of instruction. You can ask questions and give or receive advice at any time during the course. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be able to download a certificate of completion. Students can get support from fellow students or staff via the discussion area and the site also provides information on financial assistance.

    Courses are categorised into 15 broad subject areas, with featured, new and popular courses. Ed2go also provides online certificate career training programs ranging in price from $695 to $5995. These programs allow users to train for a specific professional skill. Each course page gives an overview of the course, the instructor bio, the course syllabus, requirements and course reviews by past students. The page also features the number of students who have taken the course and related courses. All courses include audi/video and each lesson is accompanied by a short, multiple-choice quiz, and some lessons may also include a hands-on assignment. Students are expected to try and complete each quiz and assignment within two weeks from when the lesson is released. The course will conclude with a final exam which must be submitted within two weeks from the day the last lesson and final exam are released.

    A regularly updated blog keeps readers informed on topical and relevant news and insights.

    Ed2go does not grant degrees.

    Tools & Features
    • 2,100+ partner colleges & universities
    • 750+ courses
    • 100+ career training programs offering online certificate programs to prepare for a specific career.
    • Discussion boards
    • Free course demos
    • Course reviews
    • Blog
    Upon successful completion of the career programs, graduates are awarded a certificate of completion.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Carolyn
    "A good resource to learn a new skill"
    Number of courses:
    Partner Institutions:
    Course format:
    Social tools & features:
    Interface usability:
    Pros - Professional skill-based courses
    Flexible schedule
    No hidden fees
    Customer support team
    Discussion boards for interaction with peers and staff
    Relevant news items
    Cons - Some courses are expensive
    The quality of the courses and the teaching are variable
    No transferable credit
    Ed2go offers a flexible way for adults to get professional training without having to enrol on a campus course. Be sure to choose your course carefully as some don't offer the quality that would be expected for the price.


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