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Guide Types of free or low-cost course providers

A brief description of provider types

  1. Carolyn
    1. MOOC Platforms

    MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course: a free educational course which is delivered online and is open to anyone wishing to enrol. MOOCs are often delivered by renowned professors from famous universities and typically feature a blend of video content, quizzes, discussion boards, downloadable readings, and peer-to-peer assessment of learning. The goal of MOOCs is to reach a much larger audience than traditional courses can accommodate. Often, MOOCs offer Certificates for a fee which are awarded on successful completion of a course, and in some cases transferable college credit. Some MOOC platforms also offer skill-based courses, some of which are paid.

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    2. Free Online Course Providers

    Course providers offering free online courses and educational resources. These differ from MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) in that they don’t offer the whole learning experience as described above. Free online courses don’t usually require enrolment and are more suited to the self-directed, independent learner.

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