Master of Science in Data Science

Master of Science in Data Science

An interdisciplinary, applied data science master’s degree with no application. Pass a series of placement tests and get started right away.
  • Commitment: About 2 years to complete
  • Credits: 30 short courses for 30 credits
  • Cost: TBC
The Curriculum
This degree will draw on CU Boulder faculty expertise in statistics, data science, computer science, geospatial analytics, and natural language processing. Initial courses will cover theory and methods of data science, including data structures, programming fundamentals, and statistics. Learn both R and Python programming, the most commonly used languages in data science. Training will emphasize theory and methods as well as the tools of the modern workplace, including Amazon Web Services, the Hadoop file system, and tools like SQL and Apache Spark. Become proficient in Predictive Modeling, Risk Analysis, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, and AI.

Performance-based admissions means there are no prerequisites or an application. Take a series of area-specific exams, earn a B average or better, and you will be admitted into the degree. Learn and earn credit without needing to wait 6 months while your application is being completed and reviewed.

Who is this degree for?
Anyone who is interested in the field of data science, no matter your academic background.

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