1. M

    Study Buddy Aim for CAT but DISTRACTED LIKE HELL!!!!

    Hello guys, i am currently in my 3rd year doing pharmacy and i have to give CAT in next year 2024 but i cannot study as i am way too distracted by many things like phone, sleeping, laziness and no motivation. i am searching for a study partner as well as an accountability partner who can study...
  2. A

    Study Buddy need a study buddy and bestie

    Hi friends.... I need someone who can be my bestie and study buddy.We can motivate each other and have lots of fun as well. I am actually in 12 th grade from India. Can you be my good buddy, please?:D:)
  3. studyblog

    Study Buddy Hello there!

    Hello there! I am Simay and I study English translation and ınterpreting so I am looking for a study friend. I want to improve my English because I am from Turkey. I hope we will be good friends. :)
  4. S

    Study Buddy Study buddy for nursing school

    Hi. I am currently in my 2nd year diploma in Nursing and I need a study buddy so that we can help each other through our topics. I can be very serious about studying so I expect that you'd be too. We can do this via gmeet. Just hmu if you are interested.
  5. D

    Study Buddy Looking for a Study Buddy

    Hi! I'm Ziaa, a BS Biology student. I'm still adjusting to the remote learning setup in my 1st year in college. I'm looking for a study buddy, who can keep me focused and motivated. I'll be very glad to return the favor – let's help each other. If interested, please feel free to reply here or...
  6. Scintilla

    Study Buddy Anyone up for a 2pm to 8pm study video session on telegram as per today?

    Anyone up for a 2pm to 8pm study video session on telegram as per today?
  7. D

    Study Buddy Medical Student looking for a study partner (Related or not to medical field). Currently preparing for USMLE Step 1

    Hi I'm looking for a study partner to study with regularly for around 6 hours(even more if we get along) each day. I am 4th year international medical student preparing for USMLE STEP 1. So we can have some companionship and accountability. We can share our schedules at the beginning, study via...
  8. allpleiadians

    Study Buddy Need study buddy for study together

    Hello, perhaps I need someone to be like discussion partner or just friend to accompany while study. It's all fine when you need some advices or suggestions. It's okay if you're study different subject and major We can have a break and also small talk For exact time it's UTC+ 7 here
  9. Ashleykakuuai

    Study Buddy Looking for a studying buddy any subject

    Hey guys, I’m looking for a study buddy . I’m in grade 12 doing Biology and physical science and would love to have a study buddy with the same subjects or any is fine. They should be strict and encouraging. It’s fine to have talks during breaks and also my time zone is GMT +2 so during weekdays...