1. A

    Study Buddy need a study buddy and bestie

    Hi friends.... I need someone who can be my bestie and study buddy.We can motivate each other and have lots of fun as well. I am actually in 12 th grade from India. Can you be my good buddy, please?:D:)
  2. D

    Study Buddy Looking for a daily female friend as a study partner (no video calls)

    May Peace be with everyone ! Let me introduce myself : My name is Sarah, I am a 4th year medical student from Belgium. I am looking for a daily female friend as a study partner, from or near my time zone (GMT+1). Someone who will be a good company for me and a good motivation and push to...
  3. Sahil kumar

    Study Buddy Introduction

    Preparing for medical entrance neet UG , need a study buddy for 1-2 hour sessions at night consistently on maybe zoom ( with video , without audio ). Just some sincere person , need not be from my education field or level.
  4. lau.punks

    Study Buddy I need a art/culture/education study partner

    Hi there! I need a artsy study buddy. We can do pomodoro sessions and have a little chat during the breaks. I'll be more confortable if it's a girl or any LGBTQIA+ person.
  5. E

    Study Buddy Looking for a study partner

    I'm looking forward to partnering with some student to keep each other accountable for studying I'm a student in 12 grade -which is a huge deal in my country, I'll explain it later if you curious-, I don't care what grade or what year are you studying for, just text me and we'll figure something...
  6. N

    Study Buddy Need a study Partner

    Hi ‍♀️ I’m Nesibe, living and studying Psychology in Germany. I am searching for a study partner :) I can also help u with a German or Turkish if u are interested of these languages, wanna also improve my English or learn different new languages! :)
  7. studyblog

    Study Buddy Hello there!

    Hello there! I am Simay and I study English translation and ınterpreting so I am looking for a study friend. I want to improve my English because I am from Turkey. I hope we will be good friends. :)
  8. K

    Study Buddy Looking for a study buddy!

    Hello! I'm looking for a study buddy!! I Knowing someone is working alongside with me keeps me motivated. Whatever your studying, I'm cool with it. Let's be productive together. Message me!
  9. K

    Study Buddy Looking for a study buddy! Message me if interested!

    Hi! I'm looking for a study buddy. It doesn't matter what subject you are studying. As long as we can hold each other accountable :)
  10. allpleiadians

    Study Buddy Looking for study buddy to increase productivity

    Hi, perhaps I need someone to be study buddy to accompany while study. I'm sophomore in English education and want to increase my study productivity. It's all fine when you need some advices or suggestions during. Break is about 20-35 mins with pomodoro method. My timezone is UTC +7 anyway
  11. A

    Study Buddy Looking for a study buddy:)

    Looking for a neet ug partner who will be serious and stay motivated till the end and we can keep on push each other to work harder day by day and study together:)