1. A

    Study Buddy Looking for High School Study Buddy

    I am looking for a Indian High school study buddy I am in grade 10, so any high school grades are okay
  2. A

    Study Buddy need a study buddy and bestie

    Hi friends.... I need someone who can be my bestie and study buddy.We can motivate each other and have lots of fun as well. I am actually in 12 th grade from India. Can you be my good buddy, please?:D:)
  3. studyblog

    Study Buddy Hello there!

    Hello there! I am Simay and I study English translation and ınterpreting so I am looking for a study friend. I want to improve my English because I am from Turkey. I hope we will be good friends. :)
  4. U

    Study Buddy Study group for girls.

    Hey everyone. I'm Unzila and I'm a 3rd year medical student in Ukraine. I have made group for girls where we study together in the Google meet platform. Girls from any stream ,any course ,any subject all are welcome. And we also have a group chat on telegram . We chat to each other in our...
  5. C

    Study Buddy Skype study group

    We have a study group for over 1 year with the members from all over the world. The rule is to keep the camera on for everyone's safety and mute the microphone. There are 81 members currently. Skype allows up to 99 members for the video calls. There is also a break group for the discussions. If...
  6. U

    Study Buddy Need to study together.(girls only)

    I am a third year medical student in Ukraine (GMT+2). I have created a group for medical student girls (Any girl is welcomed from any year or any background). I want to provide in this group a good environment for studying and at the same time for socialization. We study in the Google meet...
  7. allpleiadians

    Study Buddy Looking for study buddy to increase productivity

    Hi, perhaps I need someone to be study buddy to accompany while study. I'm sophomore in English education and want to increase my study productivity. It's all fine when you need some advices or suggestions during. Break is about 20-35 mins with pomodoro method. My timezone is UTC +7 anyway
  8. 2

    24/7 virtual study space

    This is a public zoom room for quiet studying.
  9. let's study together every day

    let's study together every day

    Hi yall,welcome to our community,we'll meet on zoom after a short time.