1. A

    Study Buddy Looking for High School Study Buddy

    I am looking for a Indian High school study buddy I am in grade 10, so any high school grades are okay
  2. papashakha

    Study Buddy In need of a sincere & enthusiastic study buddy for usmle

    Heyy guyss, I am from India & i am looking for a usmle study buddy for the next 3 months. We’ll work with speed and efficiency towards success. Looking forward to finding one
  3. Jay22

    Study Buddy Serious studymate preparing for competitive exams (IST)

    Hello, I am looking for a studymate . IST Language : English Preparing for competitive exams. Serious aspirant. Regular study. Communication : through Discord We can study together by being connected through voice channel on discord. Daily target sharing and it's completion. Exam target year...
  4. N

    Study Buddy Medicine study partner

    Hello…I am a 3rd year Medical student from India. Want a persistent study buddy for everyday study sessions.
  5. J

    Study Buddy High school study buddy

    Hello I need a study buddy that is preferably in high school and is aiming to study hard this whole summer.
  6. D

    Study Buddy Lets study

    Hi there! Jm currently studying accountig. Hit me up if youre interssted to be a study buddy. I dont mind if you study different aubject :) Nice to meet you!
  7. B

    Study Buddy Looking for a study buddy

    hello everyone I am Berfin (18) Im from Turkey i graduated high school and i am studying university exam now. People who want to study daily or weekly can send me a message.I am looking for a friend to study with me and chat with me. And I want improve my English. GOODBYE
  8. E

    Study Buddy Looking for a study partner

    I'm looking forward to partnering with some student to keep each other accountable for studying I'm a student in 12 grade -which is a huge deal in my country, I'll explain it later if you curious-, I don't care what grade or what year are you studying for, just text me and we'll figure something...
  9. N

    Study Buddy Need a study Partner

    Hi ‍♀️ I’m Nesibe, living and studying Psychology in Germany. I am searching for a study partner :) I can also help u with a German or Turkish if u are interested of these languages, wanna also improve my English or learn different new languages! :)
  10. studyblog

    Study Buddy Hello there!

    Hello there! I am Simay and I study English translation and ınterpreting so I am looking for a study friend. I want to improve my English because I am from Turkey. I hope we will be good friends. :)
  11. I

    Study Buddy Daily Study Buddy (Girls)

    Hi, I am a second year Computer Science student, looking for a study buddy to study with min 8 hour daily, so we can beat procrastination together! - We would study on Zoom and we use track our daily hours via StudyMate or Forest - We would use to the 50/10 or 60/10 method - At the end of a...
  12. K

    Study Buddy Looking for study buddy and a friend to build good habits with

    Hi I’m looking for a study buddy that I can’t study with and share progress with also build good habits like working out and share fitness routine and healthy eating. Preferably a girl and health care student
  13. ishette

    Study Buddy Hi! :)

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for a study buddy (one only.) want/s: Grade 8 student Filipina Wiling to wake up early for morning study sessions Serious about her studies
  14. K

    Study Buddy Looking for a study buddy!

    Hello! I'm looking for a study buddy!! I Knowing someone is working alongside with me keeps me motivated. Whatever your studying, I'm cool with it. Let's be productive together. Message me!
  15. K

    Study Buddy Looking for a study buddy! Message me if interested!

    Hi! I'm looking for a study buddy. It doesn't matter what subject you are studying. As long as we can hold each other accountable :)
  16. U

    Study Buddy Need to study together.(girls only)

    I am a third year medical student in Ukraine (GMT+2). I have created a group for medical student girls (Any girl is welcomed from any year or any background). I want to provide in this group a good environment for studying and at the same time for socialization. We study in the Google meet...
  17. allpleiadians

    Study Buddy Looking for study buddy to increase productivity

    Hi, perhaps I need someone to be study buddy to accompany while study. I'm sophomore in English education and want to increase my study productivity. It's all fine when you need some advices or suggestions during. Break is about 20-35 mins with pomodoro method. My timezone is UTC +7 anyway
  18. anh thư

    Study Buddy I need someone to study with me.

    I need someone to study with me. I hope to see you early to study with me.
  19. A

    Study Buddy NEET 2023 ug study buddy needed !

    hello, im in 11th grade, cbse, i have pcmb, i have wasted a lot of time and am now searching for a studdy buddy so that i procratinate less. i study on unacedemy btw
  20. demos.jaqueline

    Study Buddy Looking for study buddies

    Hi everyone, I am Jaqueline and I am from Philippines. I am currently taking civil engineering but I am looking for study buddies, does not matter what degree you are taking or what gender. I just don't feel like studying alone in the middle of the night:))