study buddies

  1. geeky.but.lazy


    Hey! I'm an undergrad student (B.Com 3rd Year) from Delhi University, India. I've noticed that many case study competitions require a team of 3-4 members, especially big competitions like KPMG, Deloitte, Boston Consulting Group, etc. If we form a group and participate in these competitions, we...
  2. Zenia

    Study Buddy Would you like to be my study buddy?

    Hey! I am Zenia. 16 years old. I am studying Social and Technical Sciences. I would like to become a kindergarten teacher and I am also studying for it. I like to help others. I can speak Dutch because that is my mother tongue, but I can also speak English and a little French. I live in...
  3. aj.2000

    Study Buddy Hi!

    My name is Miyah and i’m 21. I have literally no one to study with. im looking for other ladies to study with. I’m studying Medical Billing and Coding.
  4. Study WITH talk - Read the description :D

    Study WITH talk - Read the description :D

    Hey you! The reality is, university life is amazing because discussions can be had with like-minded people.‍‍‍‍ The aim of sessions within this group is to facilitate casual productivity. Mics aren't muted so SMALL talk can be had, however, if you enter that state of FLOW ‍‍‍‍ and need...
  5. M

    Middle School - High School

    Hey There! Here, we can have daily study sessions, and motivate each other to study, and do our best. Timings for the meetings based on IST. The main reason to make this group was to find some study buddies during this time, so that we can all help each other, and have fun while studying. Do...
  6. Jmillermules

    Study Buddy LET'S STUDY

    Need a study Buddy. I am majoring in Biomedical sciences and Medical laboratory sciences. I'm in my second year. Would love to study with someone to keep each other accountable. If you are pretty knowledgeable about organic chemistry. Please help.
  7. H

    High school study group ( talking allowed )

    Please be kind and do not misbehave if you so you will be kicked out. We will study quietly but have breaks in between to have a chat or to ask question to each other , if you want to. The chatbox will also always be open and free to talk to everyone or anyone privately. Be kind and join in to...
  8. find a study buddy using discord

    find a study buddy using discord

    - anyone can join - music bot is available, those who want so silent can low down the music - p.s it's just because of the covid so I can't be out at the cafe or library to study but I need study buddy!!!
  9. Maxim_Ramanovich_

    Study Buddy CAE study buddy

    Hello everyone, I'm craving for Cambridge Advanced Exam and looking for a study buddy who is eager to practice speaking on a daily basis. If you have an insatiable desire to enhance your command of English I reckon we're gonna be a perfect match.
  10. K

    Study Buddy Study buddy meet daily to avoid procrastinating

    Hello! I live in the Orlando Florida area and I’m looking for a study buddy. If you are taking chemistry or trigonometry even better! We can help each other on that if not that’s okay we can still help each other and support each other mentally and help get the work done! I usually study after...
  11. mumuri

    Study Buddy uuuu I love study budies!

    being in a group were everyone is focussed on studying and on working is so fun! seeing other so concentrated makes me feel encouraged to work! You can also meet new friends! <3
  12. miercat

    Study Buddy Female student looking for study buddy on Front-end Development

    Hi, friends, I am looking for a student buddy who can share knowledge and motivation on front-end development/web programming with me. I am in the Pacific time zone. I speak Chinese and English. MierCat
  13. O

    Study Buddy looking for a study buddy :)

    hello! i'm a high school student from canada going into grade 11, and i'm looking for study buddies who can help me maintain accountability during the summer. we can help each other if you're also struggling with motivation and doing work. lmk if you're interested!


  15. M

    Study Buddy Looking for study Buddies

    Hey, I am looking for people who are ready to study daily 10-12 hours. Subject and stream does not matter and people who would love to join us daily and are serious. Approx 13-14 people more are to welcome. We will follow the timer and will take breaks and can have little communication too...
  16. I

    Study Buddy want a study buddy (2pm to 1 or 2 am)

    im preparing for medical entrance test, you can be a student of any subject, i want a study buddy so that we can motivate each other and set goals and tick them at the end of the day and someone who can be regular and disciplined.
  17. AndreeaG

    Study Buddy Looking for a female study buddy (studying 6-8h/day)

    Hello! I'm looking for a female study buddy who is able to study for 6-8 hours a day for the next 2-3 weeks at least. I'm in my first year of Psychology uni, but you can study any subject and have any age. I usually study for 50 mins with 10 mins of break. I'd like to study from 8AM to 12PM and...
  18. AndreeaG

    Study Buddy Who'd like a studying challenge?

    Hello!! I have a challenge for you: choose a number of hours that you should spend studying in a week and try to accomplish that goal! :cool: What do you guys think? We can even create a Telegram group and share our progress there. Let me a comment here if you are interested! eg. I planned...
  19. b_e_e

    Study Buddy looking for a study buddy to motivate me!

    Hi! I'm looking for a study buddy (or multiple) to actually motivate me to study, mostly to monitor me and actually make sure i work. i don't care about gender or age, anyone can help :)) have a nice day!!
  20. J

    Study Buddy Looking for a friendly study buddy

    Hello, I am a linguistics and psych student preparing for the upcoming finals. I am looking for study buddy for 3/4 hours daily (9-12 ). My timezone is UTC +2HOURS. I am happy to video call and chat a bit or to study in silence (happy to accommodate the other person). I get easily distracted and...