study buddies

  1. I

    Study Buddy Study Friend for Nuclear/Astrophysics or Chemistry (Preferably high school, English)

    :) Hi Im looking for a study friend who is interested in nuclear topics or chemistry.
  2. gwen_1608

    Study Buddy SRTUDY WITH ME<3

    Ready to boost your focus? Join my study room for lofi music, lofi aesthetics, and ⏰ 50/10 pomodoro! Here is my link to join:
  3. Kei121

    Study Buddy I am looking for a study buddy

    Hi! I am Japanese! I really love studying, and have an ardent motivation for it! Actually, I am new here! I cannot wait to study with you!!
  4. N

    Study Buddy Study buddy

    Do u wanna be a study buddy with me? We can motivate each other and study together every day? I am studying dentistry. Also, we can teach each other languages and become friends :)
  5. Yaemikokomi

    Study Buddy Study buddy

    Hey, I’m looking for a study buddy!! im looking for: 1.someone who studies for 6+ hours a day 2.any gender, age: 18 to 20 3. Any course/subject 4. uses Forest(optional), active in discord or any social media(to keep In touch) im not looking for a very strict study buddy…I’m all about enjoying...
  6. R

    Study Buddy Need a study buddy (prefer over text)

    I’m studying engineering and I need someone to check with everyday and encourage each other because I have exams and I keep procrastinating I prefer texting because I wouldn’t feel comfortable studying with the camera on lol
  7. Latin American Study Group

    Latin American Study Group

    Languages: Spanish / Portuguese / English
  8. Resha

    Study Buddy Looking for a study partner to share our goals and motivate each other for long hours (studying Ui\UX)

    Hi fellas, I'm Resha 18 years old in my first year in uni. I have goals that require long term work and consistency so I'm looking for a study partner so we can share our goals , daily to do list and motivate ourselves. we can join a muted video call on zoom, discord or google meet. Btw I'm in...
  9. Abril-in the sea

    Study Buddy Wanna practice spoken English and find study buddies

    Hey, how are you? I'm a university student(girl) major in translation. Considering the fact that I have to be more fluent in English, I want to find some native English speakers who can help me with daily conversations as well as academic speeches. Actually I'm good at English but I think there...
  10. KiyaHidaya

    Study Buddy Someone to Facetime with

    Hello you I am URGENTLY looking for someone to study with unfortunately, for personal reasons, I am not disciplined enough to study for my a-levels! Also i would like to improve my english :) so if anyone would like to study for uni with me via cam, please get in touch! I am 22 and from...
  11. Guoda

    Study Buddy Let's be study buddies

    Hey there, I've been doing pretty well with my studies, but having a friend to study with would be way more fun :) I'm studying music production, so I'm not really looking for anybody in the same field hahah. Rather I'm looking for similar time schedules. I'd prefer to have a call on discord...
  12. Z

    Study Buddy Searching for an Accountability/Study Partner

    Hello, everyone! I'm Zia, a 19-year-old 1st year BS Biology student in the Philippines. The university I'm studying in is still in remote learning due to the pandemic. It's the second semester for me in this learning setup. I'm here to find an accountability/study partner in order to achieve...
  13. qwen

    Study Buddy Looking for people who learn web development as an absolute beginner

    Hi, I'm Gwen and I'm 13 (or 14 idk) :D I want to learn web development because I want to build a portfolio before I am 18, and to hopefully land some jobs before college. I'm just a beginner and I am currently taking HTML&CSS courses on Codecademy and W3schools. If you are also new to web dev...
  14. Synpaschine

    Study Buddy Looking for study buddy :D

    Random infos about me: I am currently a high school student B), looking for someone focused so I don't procrastinate my head off I am a girl, she/her I live in canada I love sports, I enjoy weight lifting and currently is a judoka I don't really care what subjects it is I just need someone to do...
  15. geeky.but.lazy


    Hey! I'm an undergrad student (B.Com 3rd Year) from Delhi University, India. I've noticed that many case study competitions require a team of 3-4 members, especially big competitions like KPMG, Deloitte, Boston Consulting Group, etc. If we form a group and participate in these competitions, we...
  16. D

    Study Buddy Would you like to be my study buddy?

    Hey! I am Zenia. 16 years old. I am studying Social and Technical Sciences. I would like to become a kindergarten teacher and I am also studying for it. I like to help others. I can speak Dutch because that is my mother tongue, but I can also speak English and a little French. I live in...
  17. aj.2000

    Study Buddy Hi!

    My name is Miyah and i’m 21. I have literally no one to study with. im looking for other ladies to study with. I’m studying Medical Billing and Coding.
  18. Jmillermules

    Study Buddy LET'S STUDY

    Need a study Buddy. I am majoring in Biomedical sciences and Medical laboratory sciences. I'm in my second year. Would love to study with someone to keep each other accountable. If you are pretty knowledgeable about organic chemistry. Please help.
  19. Maxim_Ramanovich_

    Study Buddy CAE study buddy

    Hello everyone, I'm craving for Cambridge Advanced Exam and looking for a study buddy who is eager to practice speaking on a daily basis. If you have an insatiable desire to enhance your command of English I reckon we're gonna be a perfect match.
  20. K

    Study Buddy Study buddy meet daily to avoid procrastinating

    Hello! I live in the Orlando Florida area and I’m looking for a study buddy. If you are taking chemistry or trigonometry even better! We can help each other on that if not that’s okay we can still help each other and support each other mentally and help get the work done! I usually study after...