1. L

    Are you All satisfied with online sites for grabs medical resources

    Hello folks, I'm reaching out because I'm conducting a quick survey on medical education resources, and I would greatly value your input. Would you mind sparing a minute to fill out this brief Google Form? It's just a simple questions asking. Your insights would be incredibly helpful. View...
  2. Z

    Study Buddy Looking for Nursing study buddy for NCLEX prep

    Hi, in senior term of nursing program and looking for nursing study buddy to logon with me every morning to study for two hours. We will both do our own individual work but this is more for focus and motivation. Minimal chit chat, just holding each other accountable for getting our respective...
  3. J

    Study Buddy Study Buddy for Nursing

    Study Buddy Subject: Nursing/Pre-Med Course I'm studying for: Board Exams Preferred language: English Timezone: GMT +8 About me: Hello! I'm a 4th year Nursing student, looking for somebody to study with. I'm not very particular with the level of knowledge as I would just want a study partner...
  4. greenie

    Study Buddy Nursing study buddy (sophomore)

    Hi im a nursing student in my sophomore year. I would really like to have a study buddy because nursing can be really difficult. Thank you
  5. pauxpen

    Study Buddy Hi! I'm a student nurse looking for a study buddy :)

    Hello! I am a third year student nurse who needs a study buddy. :) I practice pomodoro technique of studying for 50 minutes and resting for 10 minutes. If you like we can use that 10 minutes to either talk and be friends :D. I appreciate it when my study partner is willing to open her/his camera...
  6. edX

    edX Pediatric HIV Nursing

    Overview Taught by leading experts in pediatric HIV clinical care and treatment, nursing, and global health, this course will equip nurses and midwives with the skills they need to provide quality clinical care to children living with HIV according to the latest clinical guidelines from the...
  7. FutureLearn

    FutureLearn Organ Donation: The Essentials for Healthcare Professionals

    Overview Learn about different aspects of organ donation Despite organ donation being hugely important there is currently limited training for healthcare workforce regarding the complex issues around organ and tissue donation. This course aims to change that. On the course, created in...
  8. FutureLearn

    FutureLearn The Role of Personal Assistants in Disability Support

    Overview Improve working relationships between disabled people and personal assistants Disabled people can now receive funding from their local authority to employ a personal assistant. While this gives them more personalised care in their own home, it also turns them into an employer. This...
  9. N

    Study Buddy Nursing

    Hi, I am looking for someone to review for the NCLEX-RN exam. I want to review all nursing concepts