1. S

    Study Buddy Medical student Female study buddy

    I want a female study buddy studing medicine i am a first year medical student i can study for 10hours every day and I prefer her to be from muslim country we can study through video calls
  2. K

    Study Buddy Looking for a female studdy buddy

    Hi i m a 24yo studying for my 7th year of general medicine clinical exams. Timezone : UTC+1 Looking for a female studybuddy,so we can study together on video calls and chat in breaks.
  3. D

    Study Buddy STUDY GROUP FOR PRODUCTIVITY!! Contact me on

    I'll study here regularly on basis of my schedule but mostly after college hours i.e, 4pm, if anyone wants to join me, I'll welcome you happily. We can help each other as we work through to stay productive and complete our tasks. This is a place where there will be a background music, a soothing...
  4. S

    Study Buddy Need a Medical study buddy

    preferably last stages
  5. D

    Study Buddy Hello, looking for a serious study partner for for Fmge/Next 2024

    Need a serious, consistent, long term, kind study partner (studying medicine). Preferred study method : Google meet/ zoom video meeting Text me only if you are serious about this. I will try my level best to support you. If interested , telegram me : @vimaleshpraveen
  6. D

    Study Buddy Who want to study ECG with me

    Common ECG patterns
  7. D

    Study Buddy Need study buddy

    Preferably senior med students
  8. D

    Study Buddy Hi Anyone studying neurology, neurosurgery, psychiatry?

    so we can discuss
  9. D

    Study Buddy I am looking for a study buddy and a friend ! :)

    Hi there! I hope you are having an amazing day. I am Gül. Also, my nicknames are Rose and Daria. You can call me as you wish :). I am a 4th-year medicine student in Turkey. I live alone and I can focus on my studying better while studying with someone. That is why I would like to have a study...
  10. R

    Study Buddy Systems review- step 1 Buddy

    Looking for a study buddy for reviewing 3 systems (Hematology-Cardiovascular-Respiratory) in a total time period of 3 weeks each system Looking for a motivating partner to motivate each other preferable timezone +1 to +3 GMT (mine is +2) don't mind talking in breaks with cams on and further...
  11. abdelrahmanali007

    Study Buddy highly dedicated 8+ hours study partner for usmle and college egypt preferebly

    iam having my finals at wednesday so iam looking for some sessions in those couple of days and potentionally continue afterwards iam about 60 percent done with step 1 and iam looking for hardworkers who wanna take the exam soon or honestly any hardworker from anyfield english /arabic cam on mic...
  12. maryfrndz

    Study Buddy Med study buddy / group

    Hi I'm mary, a med student from France in my second year I'd be glad to study with you sometimes, my first semester went great without working a lot but I bring myself to work like I used to in my first year ahah tbh it begins to scare me a little! I do not use any specific method like pomodoro...
  13. C

    Study Buddy Looking for Medical students studying for USMLE (or any medical exam at this point!)

    I'm a fourth-year Medical student (with severe procrastination issues) and i'm planning to take my STEP 1 in a couple of months. So I'm looking for a study buddy (any gender, age, race, year of studies) who'd be interested in studying and motivating each other. This can happen on zoom and I...
  14. M

    Study Buddy Looking for a USMLE step 1 study buddy

    Hey everyone! I'm a third year medical student in the UAE and I'm about to start my dedicated for step 1. Looking for anyone who wants to keep each other motivated and discuss.
  15. R

    Study Buddy need a medical student to study with

    Hey I am Reem , a 1nd-year medical student looking for a study buddy to motivate each other and study together need some medical student to study with, make study plans and schedule, socialize and talk, and motivate each other I study in Turkey so we can speak English or Turkish ( İ want to...
  16. R

    Study Buddy In need for a medicine basic year studyBuddy

    Hey I am Rashad, a 2nd-year medicine student from Jordan looking for a study buddy to motivate each other and study together my timezone is +3 GMT need some medical student to study with, make study plans and schedule, socialize and talk, and motivate each other so please inform me if you're...
  17. S

    Study Buddy Looking for a study buddy UTC+1

    Hey im salma 3rd year medical student looking for a study buddy to study and motivate each other through GoogleMeets we dont have to talk we could but it be mostly silent studying ofc if u want we could activate the video I mostly study from 6PM to 12AM UTC+1