1. A

    Study Buddy I am looking for a study buddy interested in learning Spanish and his mother tongue is Japanese

    Hello, I'm Andres I am interested in learning Japanese and I would like to have a partner to practice the language who is also interested in the Spanish language and to be able to provide adequate feedback on the errors that we may observe.
  2. S

    Study Buddy 22F looking for JPN study buddy! (beginners)

    Started learning Japanese (through KR) because it's a common language spoken there and I enjoy learning languages. I also think it will help me get more into anime. Want someone that I can be confused with and research questions and share cool resources we find. If this sounds good for you let...
  3. CindyJ

    Study Buddy Find Japanese study buddy!

    Hi! I'm learning Japanese at beginner level. I wanna find a friend that can share Japanese knowledge together <3 We can talk or chat freely, no need the learning pressure! <3
  4. syifarz

    Study Buddy Chill Study Buddy / Friend Wanted. (Can be any subject, I study accounting & finance + a little japanese)

    Hi! You can call me Syifa/Kia, whichever is easier for you to pronounce. I'm a she/her. I'm a master's student currently studying accounting and finance. I'm also studying Japanese (still in N5 level/beginner) and I draw or do art sometimes too! I'm trying to find some study buddies to help me...
  5. R

    Study Buddy A study buddy for learning Japanese language

    I need a study buddy for language practice/exchange, preferably a native Japanese. Still a beginner though. I can help you with Tagalog and practice your English as well.