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    This attachment guide will be useful for students going for attachment/internship or taking an internship attachment. I will be useful and you prepare to start your attachment, during your attachment/internship and even after. B
  2. Carolyn

    How to Learn with Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

    1. What are MOOCs? Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are educational courses which are delivered online and are open to anyone with an Internet connection wishing to enrol. MOOCs are usually delivered via designated websites and run in partnership with universities and other organisations...
  3. Carolyn

    Understanding Coursera's New Subscription Model

    UPDATE: According to Coursera’s Help Center, the option to subscribe to the entire Coursera catalog is no longer available: Coursera subscriptions In Decmber 2019, Coursera introduced a new subscription model: Coursera Plus - Coursera's New Subscription Model Coursera first introduced...
  4. Carolyn

    How to list MOOCs on your Résumé

    Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have come a long way since they first emerged back in 2012. The number of courses as well as the number of learners enrolling in them continues to grow, but more importantly, MOOC credentials are also gaining ground and employers are starting to take notice...
  5. Carolyn

    7 Reasons to have a Study Buddy

    A great way to increase your chances of succeeding on an online course is to find a suitable Study Buddy. This is a list of reasons why having a study partner can benefit you. 1. Two Heads are better than one Having a Study Buddy can make learning easier and more fun. You will be studying the...
  6. Carolyn

    Guide to the different programming languages in simple terms.

    Programming languages are used to make computer programs and software; in other words they tell a computer what to do and how to behave. A programming language is basically a form of written text code which instructs the computer to do a specific task. There are many different types of...
  7. Carolyn

    Getting started with online learning

    Online education or e-Learning offers a world of fascinating subjects that can help you deepen your knowledge and understanding of a particular topic of interest, reach new careers, develop workplace skills and improve your employability. Online learning is not confined to higher education – you...
  8. Carolyn

    The Ultimate Guide to MOOC Certificates

    This resource was updated on 8th March 2017 MOOC providers often award certificates on completion of a course on the condition that certain criteria have been met. There are usually different certificate options, some of which are free of charge and others which incur a relatively small fee...
  9. Carolyn

    The Beginner’s Guide to e-Learning (I)

    If you’re new to the world of e-Learning, it may seem like a daunting place with numerous different options and concepts. This guide aims to give you an overview of e-Learning and demystify some of the jargon. What is e-learning? "E-learning is the use of technology to enable people to learn...
  10. Carolyn

    Using Online Course Directories

    Course aggregator sites or course directories curate courses from different course providers and have been developed to provide learners with a variety of search tools helping them to filter through the large number of courses and course providers to find specific courses that meet their...