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  1. MoocLab

    Courses USMLE-Free online courses to put you ahead of your peers

    These free online courses are delivered by top universities and can enhance your understanding of some of the topics covered in USMLE examinations. Find courses by Duke, Johns Hopkins, Yale, Rice, Stanford and more. All individual courses can be audited free of charge or students can choose to...
  2. MoocLab

    Courses Try before you buy - Free online taster courses to take before you apply to a degree

    While MOOC-based online degree programs offer a more affordable alternative to traditional degrees, they still require a certain level of financial commitment. Fortunately, the modular MOOC format offers the flexibility to stack courses, earning credits towards a full accredited degree as you...
  3. MoocLab

    Courses Free Certificate Courses on Coursera: Available Until End of June 2021

    Online education provider, Coursera, is offering 58 courses with with free certificates until June 30th 2021. The offer states these courses are free to learners in India, however MoocLab has conducted some research and the free enrolment appears to be accessible even if you are not based in...
  4. Carolyn

    Courses Learn How to Succeed at Job Interviews with these Free Online Courses

    Sadly, many people have lost their jobs as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic which also means competition will be high to land a new job. A successful interview will be essential for you to lock in a job offer, and you will want to perform at your best during this important meeting. Below is a...
  5. Carolyn

    Courses Free Online Courses to Help with Your Wellbeing during Lockdown

    Navigating the new disruptions to our lives caused by the coronavirus pandemic may lead to feelings of isolation and anxiety, and it is important that we take care of both our minds and our bodies. Here is a list of top free online courses to help you and your loved ones stay happy and...
  6. Carolyn

    Courses UK Government Launches New Free Online Learning Platform to Boost Workplace Skills

    The UK Department for Education has launched a new online learning platform called the Skills Toolkit to help boost the nation’s skills during lockdown. The new platform, hosted on the website, gives people access to free, high-quality courses to help build up their digital and numeracy...
  7. Carolyn

    News High School Students Get Free Access to Online Courses with FutureLearn Schools, an online social learning platform, announced this week the launch of FutureLearn Schools, which will give high school students free upgraded access to over a hundred relevant short courses on the platform, in order to support their learning and expand their horizons. The...
  8. MoocLab

    Courses Free Online Courses about COVID-19

    In response to the novel Coronavirus outbreak, universities and healthcare organizations are providing the following free open online courses to teach about COVID-19. Click on a course title to go to the course page. Science Matters: Let's Talk About COVID-19 By Imperial College London Via...
  9. Carolyn

    COVID 19: Coursera, edX & FutureLearn Offering Free Online Courses to Millions of Students

    The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is the most serious global health threat in recent times, and restrictions are impacting the lives of millions of students with universities and schools having to shut down to try and contain the spread of virus. In the light of the situation, online education...
  10. Carolyn

    Freshman Year for Free

    Modern States Education Alliance is offering a high-quality path to free college credit, the Freshman Year for Free. The program offers everyone tuition-free online courses with free on-line textbooks leading to real college credit at more than 2,900 major colleges and universities. The goal of...
  11. S

    Online Certified Courses Free

    Can anyone suggest me where I can find online free courses that come with some certification? The actual courses like Lynda Courses or Udemy etc. Regards, Syed Usman