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MOOC Platform Onlinedegree.com

  • Best for:
    Higher Education students, Professionals, General interest
    Business, Robotics, Computer Science, Education, Health & Medicine, Accounting, Sciences, Technology, Social Sciences
    Type of learning:
    Course type:
    Free self-paced courses
    Learning pathways:
    Yes, Credit Transfer
    Mobile Apps:
    Website is mobile-optimized
    OnlineDegree Main Logo.png
    At OnlineDegree.com, anyone could receive credit, up to their freshman year of college, completely tuition-free.

    All from home, on their own schedule, no pressure, and no applications.

    Students can take as many college-level courses as they’d like on Psychology, Robotics, Computer Programming, Marketing, Criminal Justice and many more…free. We’ve then partnered with accredited universities across the country so students could receive college credit for the courses they’ve taken. There are pathways to receive credit at over 1,400 schools in total throughout the US.

    Working adults now have a bridge to start their path back to school in 1 minute instead of 1 year in some cases…regardless of their finances or busy schedules. They can test drive different courses and subjects on their own schedule, be better prepared for college-level coursework at a university, and potentially receive college credits toward their degree.

    About Us
    OnlineDegree.com is a team of startup veterans, leading academics and PhDs (from NYU, West Virginia University, Georgetown, etc) who want to change the world. We’ve been working for over 2 years to make higher education more affordable and accessible for everyone. About Us and Our Mission

    Tools & Features
    • Free
    • 15 college-level courses
    • College credit pathways to over 1,400 schools throughout the U.S.
    • Online, Self-Paced and Available 24/7
    • Rich video lectures with interactive exercises
    • 44 units of available recommended semester credit
    • Expert professors with PhDs and advanced degrees
    • Learning dashboard
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