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FRA emlyon business school

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    In an economy where new innovations are overturning former models of economic growth. In an economy where artificial intelligence has come to change man’s place at work and deeply transformed tomorrow’s jobs. In an economy where immediacy rules, where rapidity, reactivity and adaptability endow unprecedented competitive advantages. emlyon business school chose to transform its pedagogical approach and its vision of a business school founded on a new concept, the early maker. The makers movement was born 10 years ago, on the Do It Yourself principle. Initially uniting Do It Yourselfers, the makers movement gradually spread over the digital world and start-uppers, federating in its wake a whole community of creators, artisans, entrepreneurs, artists and educators. The aim was to fast forward as quickly as possible from invention to innovation, from prototyping to industrializing smart ideas. Today being a maker is holding your future in your own hands, being the actor and entrepreneur of your existence, in a collaborative approach, and turning Do It Yourselfers into Do It Togetherers. This concept represents what we believe entrepreneurs should be: those who try out, experiment, make mistakes, start over, learn as they go along. emlyon business school’s entrepreneurs are makers and early movers, in other words, early makers.
  • Location:
    23 Avenue Guy de Collongue, 69130 Écully, France

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