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  • Best for:
    Higher Education learner, Further Education learners, General Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Technologists, Finance Professionals, General interest
    FinTech, Artificial Intelligence in Finance, Extrapreneurship
    Type of learning:
    Professional, Skill-based
    Course type:
    Self-paced interactive online training courses
    CPD certification, e-Certificate of Course Completion

    CFTE is an education platform supported by senior leaders from the largest institutions, startups and universities. We aim to address the needs of professionals in finance and technologists to upskill in a rapidly changing industry being transformed by emerging technologies. In a tech world, we bet on people.

    Programmes & Price Plans
    ● Fintech Foundation Course (£299)
    ● Artificial Intelligence in Finance (£499)
    ● Extrapreneurship (£999)
    ● How is GDPR impacting your business?
    ● From Data Analytics to APIs
    ● Corporate Advisory

    Tools & Features

    ● Access to 50,000+ alumni network
    ● Collaboration with 50+ industry experts
    ● 5 courses
    ● Access to courses materials
    ● 3 free/free-to-audit courses
    ● Self-paced learn by doing approach
    ● Short videos, exercises, quizzes, hands-on projects
    ● Downloadable course materials (Videos, transcripts etc)
    ● Educational & Human technical support
    ● Course Upgrades
    ● User profiles
    ● Content-linked discussion forums
    ● Course dashboard
    ● Video transcripts
    ● Peer-to-peer social learning tools
    ● Agile methodology tools
    ● In-person meet-ups
    ● No Mobile apps currently, but the platform is designed to work on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers
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Rate this provider - Select a star rating:


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