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What is a Full Stack Web Developer?
A Full-Stack Web Developer works on both the front-end and back-end portions of an application. Front-end usually refers to what a website looks like to the user, and the back-end refers to the technology that powers the front-end side of the website.

What skills do full stack web developers need?
  • Front-End Programming Languages: HTML/CSS/Javascript
  • At least one Back-End Programming Language: Node.js/Ruby/Python/Java/PHP
  • Databases & Web Storage
  • Web Application Architecture
  • Git
  • Algorithms & Data Structures
What qualifications do you need to become a full stack web developer?
Although having a degree in Computer Science won't hurt, it isn't necessarily a requirement to land a job as a full stack web developer. Having a strong project portfolio is the most important thing and many developers are self-taught.

How much can a full stack web developer earn?
According to Indeed, the #1 job site, the average salary for a Full Stack Developer in 2018 is £46,905 per year in the United Kingdom and $110,909 per year in the United States.

How do I gain the skills to become a Full Stack Web Developer?
The following list of courses provides you with a step-by-step path to help you gain the necessary skills to land a job as a Full Stack Web Developer. The open online courses are open to anyone and are delivered by top universities and organisations. Little to no previous experience is required - you can follow the step-by-step path or select the courses that are most relevant to your needs.

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