The Ultimate Guide to MOOC Certificates

An in-depth guide to the certificates offered by the main MOOC providers

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  1. edX discontinues free honor code certificates

    Source: ClassCentral

    Earlier this week, edX announced that they will discontinue the free honor course certificate. They have said this move is aimed at strengthening their certificate program.

    In the blog post announcing this change, edX assures learners that “all of edX’s high-quality educational content, assessments and forums will continue to be offered for free, but those learners who want to earn a certificate upon successful completion of the course will pay a modest fee for a verified certificate.

    Like Coursera, edX has also launched a financial assistance program for those students who can’t afford to pay for the verified certificate. But there is one big difference: Coursera’s financial assistance program provides the certificate for free, while edX’s program offers a 90% discount.
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