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  1. Redesigning FutureLearn’s Statements of Participation

    MOOC platform FutureLearn have launched their new digital Statements this week.


    Statements of Participation now include a digital version. Rather than being a downloadable PDF, these digital versions take the form of a webpage on the FutureLearn site, each with its own unique URL.

    The Statements can be shared with friends or employers via social media or email; added to your LinkedIn profile or included in your online CV.

    A digital version of every Statement you buy will now be included on your FutureLearn profile, so you can collect all of your achievements across many courses in one place. You can also share each Statement directly from your profile.

    If you’ve already bought a printed Statement, FutureLearn will have given you a digital version.

    FutureLearn have also revisited the design of the printed counterpart, making a visual coherence between both versions.

    The new design utilises the FutureLearn steps identity in such a way that multiple Statements can be tiled together to form an ever expanding visual representation of your achievements and learning with us.

    The Statements tile to create an expanding visual representation of your learning.

    The printed version uses premium quality paper and is printed with a security pattern watermark to prove its authenticity.

    N.B. The price of FutureLearn's Statements has gone up to £34 (GBP) + shipping for courses courses that start on or after 31 August 2015. If you’re taking a course that started before that date – or you’re eligible for a Statement on a course that’s already finished – FutureLearn will honour the old price until 1 December 2015 (£29 (GBP) + shipping.)
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