The Ultimate Guide to MOOC Certificates

An in-depth guide to the certificates offered by the main MOOC providers

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  1. FutureLearn introduces more detailed, more rigorous Certificates of Achievement

    Proving what you’ve achieved on FutureLearn courses is now even easier. Many courses that start on or after 9 May 2016 will offer a new Certificate of Achievement alongside the existing Statement of Participation. This is a more detailed record of what you’ve achieved on a course, with more rigorous eligibility criteria.
    As well as all of the detail previously displayed on Statements of Participation, Certificates of Achievement come with an accompanying transcript of learning.
    This transcript details the learning outcomes and syllabus for your course,plus your average test score, making it ideal evidence of your continuing professional development (CPD), or your interest in and understanding of a subject. The Certificate will also contain the detail of any accrediting or recognising institutions associated with the course.
    To buy a Certificate, you must complete over 90% of the course and achieve an overall average test score over 70%.
    FutureLearn are also introducing varying prices on Statements and Certificates, in order to offer you a better range of choice. Statements of Participation will be available from £19.00 (GBP) + shipping, and Certificates of Achievement from £39.00 (GBP) + shipping.
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