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    2 weeks
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    Project Planning and Research Skills
    Understand how to create a systematic literature review
    What makes a good systematic literature review? On this course you will consider the answers to this question as you explore the different types of literature review. You will consider the importance of systematic literature reviews for organisations and you will have the opportunity to learn about the process of identifying a research topic.

    You’ll have the chance to choose a topic for your own literature review and business plan, as well as develop your research question.

    This short course introduces the final assessment of MSc Business and Organisational Psychology.

    What topics will you cover?
    • Introduction to the literature review and business plan (Dissertation)
    • Different types of literature review
    • Traditional literature review vs systematic literature review
    • Advantages and disadvantages of traditional literature reviews
    • Systematic literature reviews
    • The importance of systematic literature reviews for organisations
    • Identifying a research topic
    • The research cycle
    • Factors to consider when identifying a research topic
    • Research questions
    • Developing a research question

    This course is for students looking to gain an understanding of how to review literature and the types of literature reviews available.

    Taught by
    Andre Soares

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