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FutureLearn Spanish for Beginners 1: Meeting and Greeting

The Open University via FutureLearn

  • Overview
  1. FutureLearn
    The Open University
    4 weeks
    4 hours/week
    Paid Certificate Available
    Part of:
    Spanish for Beginners program
    This free online course is the first of six in the Spanish for Beginners program. It will introduce you to the basic language, so that you are able to:
    • greet people and introduce yourself and others;
    • talk about where you live and where you come from;
    • talk about what you do;
    • talk about the languages you speak;
    • ask for clarification or repetition when you don’t understand.
    Start to speak, listen, read and write in Spanish

    During the four weeks of the course, you will learn some of the vocabulary and phrases you need to help you interact with people at a basic level.

    You will start to develop the four language skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing through a range of activities that introduce the language in authentic settings, and the audio and video resources will show you the language in action.

    There are some activities when you will also practise your speaking skills, as it is important that you start speaking as soon as possible!

    You will also learn some essential Spanish grammar, including some basic verbs. Finally, you will get some tips and advice on how to develop your study skills, so that you become a successful language learner.

    Take your Spanish learning offline by purchasing two hours of downloadable audio files and transcripts made by the course creators at The Open University. These MP3s are a great way to practise your Spanish listening and speaking wherever you are. They cover examples and exercises in the same topics as the course.

    This course is aimed at people with no prior knowledge of Spanish who want to learn the basic language and find out about the Spanish-speaking world. It will be taught through English.

    Taught by
    Zsuzsanna Bárkányi and Palma Mackenzie

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