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    Improve your ability in a fundamental part of research: a literature review
    Many students are required to write a critical review of current academic literature in their area of interest - researchers, postgraduates and undergraduates. Developing a great critical review is vital, but not always taught.

    In this course, you will be guided through this complex process step-by-step, seeing examples, finding information and developing useful questions that will help you plan, draft and refine a critical discussion of what is and is not yet known about your topic.

    What topics will you cover?
    • Understanding the literature review as a genre, and its fundamental role in all serious investigations and research projects
    • Developing a useful list of search terms and understanding where to use them to find the most relevant literature available
    • Developing a professional bibliography and annotating it with critical evaluations of readings
    • Asking good questions to guide the reading and writing process
    • Planning a critical discussion in response to specific questions and based on evidence from the published literature

    This course has been created for those pursuing research, at PhD level or not – anyone who wants to improve their ability to write about academic literature for research purposes.

    Taught by
    Emily Purser

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