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Coursera Positive Psychology

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill via Coursera

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  1. Coursera
    The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    6 weeks
    2-4 hours a week
    Paid Certificate Available
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    Positive Psychology | Coursera
    This course discusses research findings in the field of positive psychology, conducted by Barbara Fredrickson and her colleagues. It also features practical applications of this science that you can put to use immediately to help you live a full and meaningful life.

    Positive Emotions: The Tiny Engines of Positive Psychology
    Look “under the hood” to discover the powerful drivers of growth, well-being, and health.

    The Mindscapes and Outcomes of Positivity
    Discover the roots of flexibility, creativity, and resilience.

    The Delicate Art of Pursuing Happiness
    Discover the ratios and priorities that best promote flourishing and learn common pitfalls to avoid.

    Positivity Resonance and Loving-Kindness
    Unveil the force of co-experienced positive emotions and practice this lab-tested meditation honed over millennia.

    The Fruits of Positivity Resonance
    Learn to spot the health benefits that loving-kindness uniquely nourishes.

    The Ripples of Positivity Resonance
    Far beyond you and your happiness, positive psychology radiates out to benefit your relationships and community.

    Taught by
    Barbara Fredrickson

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