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Coursera Operations Management and Strategy Toolkit for Managers

Vanderbilt University via Coursera

  • Overview
  1. Coursera
    Vanderbilt University
    4 weeks
    Paid Certificate Available
    Part of:
    Business Essentials for Managers | Coursera
    Are you looking for a deeper understanding of business strategy, from design through execution? Do you want to lead impactful operational changes in your organization and team? Do you need to respond strategically to global economic trends and industry disruption?

    This course will give you the confidence to make smarter business decisions and lead strategic change using time-tested processes and tools. We’ll cover the fundamentals of designing and executing a business strategy, measuring results, managing operations and improving processes, and running successful projects that support your business goals.

    You’ll learn how to:
    - Plan and implement a business strategy from start to finish
    - Analyze both the external and internal context of your firm using established analytical frameworks
    - Identify sources of competitive advantage
    - Align functional strategies with corporate strategies
    - Measure success—and distinguish good metrics from bad metrics
    - Analyze and improve manufacturing and service processes
    - Use time-tested tools such as process flow diagrams and queuing theory
    - Design and lead successful projects that support your organizational strategy
    - Create a work breakdown structure, uncertainty assessment, network diagram, Gantt chart schedule, and communication plan for your project
    - Close your project effectively

    Fundamentals of Business Strategy

    Strategy Execution

    Project Excellence

    Operations Management

    Final Project

    Taught by
    Nancy Lea Hyer, Mumin Kurtulus, Brian McCann and M. Eric Johnson

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