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Microcredentials on FutureLearn

Designed to upskill you for work in rapidly-growing industries

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    FutureLearn microcredentials are accredited qualifications created by leading universities for learners to build professional skills relevant to their career. They are designed to provide the necessary skills for work in rapidly-growing industries, without the time and cost commitment of a full degree. Any academic credit earned can be used towards a degree or they can be used as an independent certification. Each microcredential includes a formal online assessment and meets the standards set by the Common Microcredential Framework (CMF).

    The qualification requires 100-150 hours of part-time study, generally over 10-12 weeks. Most microcredentials are worth 10-15 UK credits, 4-6 ECTS credits, or 2-3 US credits.

    Microcredentials are designed to be transferable. You can use the credit as one of the qualifications listed on your application form for any university or course, and you can include it on your CV when you apply for a job. If you can use the academic credits from a microcredential towards a degree program at the microcredential partner university, this will be specified on the description page.

    If you want to use the credits from a microcredential at another university, you should talk to its admissions office or look on the university’s website for information about accreditation of prior learning (APL) or recognition of prior learning (RPL). The decision will be based on the university’s policy on APL and the subject you are applying to study.

    Microcredentials on FutureLearn

    Cyber Security Operations (Cisco)
    By The Open University endorsed by Cisco Networking Academy
    Upskill in cyber security operations and enhance your working knowledge of cyber security with Cisco and The Open University.
    1 course | 12 weeks | Postgraduate
    Find out more

    Data Science: Data Driven Decision-Making
    By Monash University
    Discover storytelling with data and make better business decisions using data wrangling, modelling, and storytelling techniques.
    3 courses | 12 weeks | Postgraduate
    Find out more

    FinTech - Financial Innovation
    By Dublin City University
    Investigate the changes brought about by FinTech innovation and harness evolving opportunities in the future of FinTech.
    4 courses | 10 weeks | Postgraduate
    Find out more

    Global Development in Practice: Designing an Intervention
    By The Open University
    Use development management tools and frameworks to plan, implement and evaluate development interventions in practice.
    1 course | 12 weeks | Postgraduate
    Find out more

    Project Management: Managing Front-End Planning
    By Queensland University of Technology
    Build the project planning and management skills to start a career in project management within your chosen professional field.
    2 courses | 10 weeks | Postgraduate
    Find out more

    Teacher Training: Embedding Mental Health in the Curriculum
    By The Open University
    Develop skills to design inclusive teaching, learning and assessment activities that enhance student mental health and wellbeing.
    1 course | 10 weeks | Undergraduate
    Find out more

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