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FutureLearn ($) Maths Subject Knowledge: Proportional Reasoning

National STEM Learning Centre via FutureLearn

  • Overview
  1. FutureLearn
    National STEM Learning Centre
    3 hours/week
    4 weeks
    Course Certificate
    Subject knowledge for teachers and educators without a maths background
    Proportional reasoning and the use of ratios is required across different areas of the mathematics curriculum. It is essential to many areas of science and technology and is used in a range of situations in both life and work.

    In this course we will explore different mathematical strategies to enable you to solve proportional reasoning problems. By participating in this course you will discover multiplicative reasoning strategies, links between ratio and proportion and the ability to scale things up and to scale things down.

    This course is designed specifically for teachers and educators who do not have a specialism in maths, but wish to learn mathematical methods and improve their understanding. This course is suitable for:
    • New teachers, student teachers or people just about to start their teaching career who are interested in increasing their mathematical subject knowledge
    • Inexperienced teachers of mathematics for whom mathematics was not a major part of their degree
    • Non-specialist teachers of mathematics whose expertise lies elsewhere.
    • Teachers of science
    • Teachers of technology, engineering and other related subjects
    • Parents wishing to support their children
    What topics will you cover?
    • What is proportional (multiplicative) reasoning
    • Scaling up and scaling down using the unitary method
    • The definition and application of ratios
    • How to use proportion reasoning when dealing with areas and volumes
    • Proportional reasoning and ratio in applied science and technology contexts

    Taught by
    Michael Anderson

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