Master of Science of Machine Learning

Master of Science of Machine Learning

In partnership with Coursera, Imperial College London will be launching a MOOC-based master’s degree in machine learning. The program will launch in autumn 2020 and will be the first of its kind.

Imperial is ranked #9 in the world by Times Higher Education and can boast numerous eminent world-famous researchers in machine learning, many of which will be contributing to this program alongside a number of pioneering tech companies.

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are among the most in-demand fields in today's job market, and the goal of this degree is to meet this demand by providing training in the invaluable practical skills and guided experience needed to tackle real-world problems be that as a data scientist, a machine learning engineer, or a computational statistician.

About the degree
The curriculum will include hands-on projects allowing you to build a portfolio showcasing skills in probabilistic modeling, deep learning, unstructured data processing and anomaly detection. The course will cover foundations in mathematics and statistics as well as teach you how to implement scalable machine learning solutions using industry-standard tools such as PySpark. The ethics of machine learning applications will also be addressed.

Applicants will need to have a quantitative undergraduate degree in a subject like computer science, math, statistics, economics, or physics.

Learning Outcomes
Graduates of this Master in Machine Learning will be equipped to pursue roles as data scientists, machine learning engineers, natural language processing engineers, data engineers, bioinformatics or health data scientists, AI engineers, or software engineers.

You can find out if you’re qualified to apply and get more information about the degree program on this page

Taster Course
Imperial's Mathematics for Machine Learning Specialization is currently open for enrolment on Coursera

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