Make Your School Human Rights Friendly

edX Make Your School Human Rights Friendly

Amnesty International
1 to 2 hours per week
3 weeks
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In this course, you will learn what it means to apply human rights to your everyday life at school. You will find out that there is no single path to making your school more human-rights friendly, but you will be equipped with tools and strategies for discovering your own pathway.

Through this course, you'll explore areas of your school life where you can take action to make your school more human rights friendly. You'll learn about the opportunities and challenges you may face while trying to build a rights-respecting school life. Find out how you can build on your experience and relationships to make your school life more human rights friendly.

You will be challenged to regularly self-reflect on how human rights principles and standards can apply in your daily school life. You'll learn from your own experiences, and take part in discussions with other course participants to exchange ideas.

Be prepared for active learning, connecting with course participants from across the world, and becoming part of a global community dedicated to strengthening a human rights culture at school!

What you'll learn
  • Ways to explain the importance of fostering a school environment that is human rights friendly
  • How to assess the human rights friendliness of your own school environment
  • Practical steps you can take to make your school more human rights friendly
  • How to design initiatives for advancing knowledge of and respect for human rights in your school
  • How to advocate for a whole-school approach to strengthening a culture of human rights in your school
  • How to apply strategies for gaining supporters inside and outside your school
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