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    Discover techniques to help you maintain a mindful life
    Interest in mindfulness has grown enormously over the last few years. It’s no surprise: mindfulness techniques can improve your communication skills, relationships and emotional health. But not everyone knows how to apply mindfulness in daily life.

    Building upon the introductory Mindfulness for Wellbeing Peak and Performance, this course will show you how can embed mindfulness into all aspects of your life.

    This course is intended for people with previous experience of practising mindfulness and we strongly recommend completing the introductory course Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance before doing this more advanced course.

    Some practices in this course may not be suitable for people who have not previously learned and applied foundational mindfulness principles and techniques.

    This course is not designed to be therapeutic for significant health problems so if you have any concerns in this regard then it is recommended that you speak to a suitably qualified health practitioner.

    Sections of this course make extensive use of video and audio. Before you begin, make sure the computer or device you’re using has the ability to play video and audio and you have access to speakers or headphones.

    Note: You might find headphones more suitable for the sections of the course that guide you through mindful meditation exercises.

    What topics will you cover?
    • Communication
    • Mindful relationships
    • Empathy, compassion and kindness
    • Mindfulness and pain.
    • Self-compassion and performance
    • The big picture
    • Ethics, values and goals
    • Mindfulness meditation
    Taught by
    Assoc. Prof. Craig Hassed

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