Coursera Magnetics for Power Electronic Converters

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    Power Electronics Specialization
    This course covers the analysis and design of magnetic components, including inductors and transformers, used in power electronic converters. The course starts with an introduction to physical principles behind inductors and transformers, including the concepts of inductance, core material saturation, airgap and energy storage in inductors, reluctance and magnetic circuit modeling, transformer equivalent circuits, magnetizing and leakage inductance. Multi-winding transformer models are also developed, including inductance matrix representation, for series and parallel structures. Modeling of losses in magnetic components covers core and winding losses, including skin and proximity effects. Finally, a complete procedure is developed for design optimization of inductors in switched-mode power converters.

    After completing this course, you will:
    ● Understand the fundamentals of magnetic components, including inductors and transformers
    ● Be able to analyze and model losses in magnetic components, and understand design trade-offs
    ● Know how to design and optimize inductors for switched-mode power converters

    This course assumes ONLY prior completion of Introduction to Power Electronics and Converter Circuits.

    Introduction to Magnetics and Inductors

    This module introduces the physical principles behind magnetic devices, including magnetic material properties. It develops the concepts of inductance, reluctance and magnetic circuit modeling, and uses these to analyze different inductor structures.

    This module discusses two-winding and multi-winding transformers, and develops inductance matrix and equivalent circuit models for them. It also discusses the physical origin of various non-idealities, including magnetizing and leakage inductances.

    Losses in Magnetic Components
    This module covers the various loss mechanisms in inductors and transformers, both in the core and in the winding. Topics covered include hysteresis and eddy current losses, and skin and proximity effects. Models are developed to estimate losses in magnetic components.

    Design of Magnetic Components
    This module describes techniques to design effective magnetic devices. It discusses the benefits of interleaved windings, and develops a procedure to design filter inductors for power electronic converters.

    Taught by
    Dr. Dragan Maksimovic, Robert Erickson and Dr. Khurram Afridi

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