FutureLearn Introduction to Research Ethics: Working with People

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    4 hours/week
    2 weeks
    Paid Certificate Available
    Ensure your research is up to the highest ethical standards
    Research ethics is vital when conducting research with people. Non ethical research may put research subjects at risk and even jeopardise the validity of the findings. As we undertake more and more research using increasingly diverse methods like the internet, it is important to get it right the first time.

    On this course, you will learn the principles of ethical research, and how to manage human subject research in sensitive and appropriate ways. You will consider issues like gaining consent, making sure that personal information is handled safely, and recruiting vulnerable participants.

    What topics will you cover?
    • Research ethics: why it matters
    • Recruiting your participants for your research and getting their consent
    • What to consider if you are recruiting vulnerable participants
    • Could your research put you or your participants at risk of harm?
    • Storing personal data
    • Archival and internet research

    This course is useful for learners undertaking research with people using social research methods such as questionnaires, interviews etc.

    The course is essential for undergraduate students completing research for their final year project but it is also suitable for postgraduates and academic researchers.

    The course is part of the academic skills courses portfolio at the University of Leeds aiming to improve skills required for academic study. See also Critical Thinking at University: An Introduction.

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