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Introduction to Philosophy: God, Knowledge and Consciousness

By Massachusetts Institute of Technology via EdX

  • Overview
  1. MoocLab
    This philosophy course has two goals. The first goal is to introduce you to the things that philosophers think about. We will look at some perennial philosophical problems:
    • Is there a God?
    • What is knowledge, and how do we get it?
    • What is the place of our consciousness in the physical world?
    • Do we have free will?
    • How do we persist over time, as our bodily and psychological traits change?
    The second goal is to get you thinking philosophically yourself. This will help you develop your critical reasoning and argumentative skills more generally. Along the way we will draw from late, great classical authors and influential contemporary figures.

    Length: 12 weeks
    Effort: 5-6 hours per week
    Price: FREE (Add a verified certificate for $250 USD)
    Provider: Massachusetts Institute of Technology via EdX
    Subject: Philosophy & ethics
    Level: Introductory
    Languages: English
    Instructors: Caspar Hare, Ryan Doody

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