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edX Introduction to Open Source Networking Technologies

Linux Foundation via edX

  • Overview
  1. edX
    Linux Foundation
    14 weeks
    3-4 hours a week
    Paid Certificate Available
    Explore open source networking projects, from The Linux Foundation and beyond, that are shaping the future of networking and telecoms.

    Designed for open source enthusiasts, university students, network architects and engineers, security architects and engineers, and systems engineers, this course offers a great introduction to open source networking.

    This course covers the open networking stack from top to bottom; starting from networking hardware disaggregation and modern 100G and 400G switches, through network operating systems, network controllers, virtualization, and orchestration.

    Develop an understanding of the use cases and technical options for modern open networking in enterprises, service providers, and cloud providers. Become familiar with the following open source networking projects and their use cases:
    • Open Compute Project, ONIE, Akraino
    • FD.io, OVS, IO Visor, DPDK, Open Dataplane, P4
    • OpenSwitch , Open Network Linux , FRR, DANOS, SONIC, FBOSS
    • OpenDayLight, Tungsten Fabric (OpenContrail) , ONOS, CORD, Open Security Controller
    • PNDA, SNAS.
    What you'll learn
    • The software-defined and open source networking landscape
    • How networking hardware is being disaggregated
    • Open network operating systems (NOS) and how they run on different networking hardware
    • Ways to automate networking tasks
    • How software-defined network (SDN) controllers manage underlay networks
    • Network function virtualization and how it can help reduce the complexity of today’s data center environments
    • Orchestration tools that can build a bridge between applications and networking

    Welcome and Introduction

    Chapter 1. Introduction to Open Source Networking

    Chapter 2. The Open Source and Software Defined Networking Landscape

    Chapter 3. Disaggregated Hardware

    Chapter 4. IO Abstraction and Data Path

    Chapter 5. Network Operating systems

    Chapter 6. Network Control

    Chapter 7. Cloud and Virtual Management

    Chapter 8. Network Virtualization

    Chapter 9. Network Function Virtualization

    Chapter 10. Orchestration, Management, Policy

    Chapter 11. Network Automation

    Chapter 12. Network Data Analytics

    Chapter 13. Summary

    Final Exam

    Taught by
    Reza Toghraee

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