Innovation Strategy: Challenging the Usual Suspects

FutureLearn Innovation Strategy: Challenging the Usual Suspects

Université Libre de Bruxelles
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4 weeks
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Get a deeper understanding of innovation
Meeting today’s business and world challenges requires going beyond the thinking that created the challenges in the first place. This is where a good innovation strategy helps. On this course you will develop your knowledge of the challenges of open innovation, management innovation, platform innovation and emerging market innovation and learn how to meet them with a long-term approach. Using quizzes, the newest theoretical insights, cases on pioneering businesses, and thought-provoking debates with leading experts, you will solidify your knowledge of innovation.

This course has been created for graduates with a strategic experience of innovation challenges, and experienced professionals looking to get up to date with the latest innovation strategy thinking. The course is also appropriate for students willing to invest very substantially in acquiring advanced knowledge and skills in the area of innovation strategy. Ultimately, the dual goal for all participants is to satisfy their thirst for advanced innovation strategy learning and improve practice in their current or future organisation. All participants are expected to demonstrate a willingness to contribute to discussions and debates with peers.

Week 1: What is innovation strategy?
  • Definition of innovation strategy
  • The shift towards open innovation
  • Case study: Procter & Gamble
Week 2: Are you engaging in the most strategic types of innovation?
  • The innovation pyramid
  • The five types of innovation
  • Case study: Alphabet (Google)
Week 3: Can you go from a product to a platform strategy?
  • The shift from product strategy to platform strategy
  • The building blocks of platform innovation
  • Case study: Videogame industry
Week 4: Is advanced still advanced and emerging still emerging?
  • The rapidly accelerating innovation pace in emerging markets
  • The comparative advantages and disadvantages of emerging and advanced market firms in the global innovation market place
  • Case studies: GE in China and Huawei in Europe

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Manuel Hensmans
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