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Degree Imperial College London’s Global Master of Public Health

A research-driven, flexible degree for the next generation of public health leaders

  • Overview
  1. Carolyn


    The Global Master of Public Health degree programme draws on Imperial College London’s world-leading public health research. The College’s research-driven, evidence-based approach gives you a comprehensive grounding in epidemiology, global health challenges, the role of innovation in health improvement and other critical topics to develop, manage, and implement interventions in public health.

    A major focus of the programme will be a significant practice-based project with real-world application that you can use in portfolios and submit for publication. You’ll work directly with faculty who regularly advise international organizations on strategies to improve global public health. By earning this degree, you’ll develop the skills required to influence health policies around the world.

    Who is this degree for:
    • Professionals and clinicians looking to enhance their careers in public health
    • Postgraduate students who are keen to develop their research skills and pursue a public health career
    • Researchers and public health professionals who are passionate about ideas, collaboration, and solutions to today’s global health challenges
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