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edX Human Rights Activism, Advocacy and Change

Curtin University via edX

  • Overview
  1. edX
    Curtin University
    12 weeks
    8 to 10 hours per week
    Paid Certificate Available
    Part of:
    MicroMasters Program: Human Rights
    In this course you will explore the role of social movements, advocacy groups and different forms of activism in bringing about change. It covers a range of social movement theories and concepts and explores specific movements and campaigns to illustrate the diversity of movement philosophies, methods and outcomes.

    In all societies, advocates and activists play an important role in ensuring that human rights are respected, protected and promoted.

    This course is part of the Human Rights MicroMasters program.

    If you take the verified certificate pathway for the three human rights courses you will qualify for the MicroMasters credential.

    The MicroMasters credential is an achievement in itself, but if you want to study further, you can use it towards studying a Master of Human Rights at Curtin.

    What you'll learn
    On successful completion of this course you will be able to:
    • describe and critique a range of social movements and advocacy and activist campaigns
    • critically evaluate human rights activist and advocacy campaigns using social movement theories and concepts
    Topics to be explored include:

    • Social movements and power
    • Women's rights and activism: unity and difference
    • Mahatma Gandhi: satyagraha, satya and ahimsa
    • Women and nonviolence movements
    • Saul Alinsky: citizen participation and organisation
    • Frantz Fanon and decolonisation
    • Queer(y)ing human rights activism
    • Indigenous protest and activism
    • Disability rights and activism
    • Refugee rights and activism

    Taught by
    Dr. Caroline Fleay

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