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FutureLearn How to Succeed in Your EPQ: the Nuts and Bolts of Completing Your Project

University of Bath via FutureLearn

  • Overview
  1. FutureLearn
    University of Bath
    3 hours/week
    3 weeks
    Paid Certificate Available
    Succeed in your Extended Project Qualification
    Thinking about doing an EPQ? Or already undertaking an EPQ and feeling overwhelmed? Or just want to get some tips?

    Discover all things Extended Project Qualification with this course. You’ll look at reasons to do an EPQ, explore the research process and assessment criteria, and get practical advice on time management and doing your EPQ presentation.

    You’ll also develop skills useful for transitioning to university level study and get chance to swap discussion and ideas with other people also doing an EPQ.

    What topics will you cover?
    • Reasons to do an EPQ
    • The research process
    • What the assessors are looking for in an EPQ
    • Writing the project report
    • Finding and evaluating sources
    • Time management
    • Doing your EPQ presentation
    • Bringing your project together

    This course has been specially designed for students over 16 who are undertaking, or wish to undertake, an EPQ.

    Taught by
    Clive Lee and Diana Hopkins

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