How to Share your Learner Record on edX

How to Share your Learner Record on edX

To support graduates from their MicroMasters® and Professional Certificate programs, edX provides an easy way to share your learner record and pursue opportunities for credit with credit-granting universities or showcase your accomplishments with a future employer.

Where can I find my Learner Record?
Learners who have earned at least one Verified Certificate in a course that is part of a program will have access to their program record. The program record can be accessed from your learner profile page by clicking on the View My Records button. You can also access it directly from a program progress page.

Example Learner Records page:

If you have already earned a Verified Certificate in a program you can view your Learner Records here: Sign in or Register | edX

How do I share my Learner Record?
edX provides two ways to share your Learner Record, either by sending it directly to edX partners that offer a credit pathway for that particular program or by sharing a link to your program record.

To send your program record
On the My Learner Records page, find the program record that you want to send and select View Program Record. Click on Send Learner Record and select the credit-offering institution to which you want to send your record, then select Send. EdX will then send your learner record directly to the credit pathway partner on your behalf. The edX partner will receive an email that includes a link to your individual program record. This allows you to streamline the credit application process for Masters degree programs associated with MicroMasters programs.

To share your program record as a link
On the My Learner Records page, find the program record that you want to share and select Share. This generates a link to your program record page. Select Copy Link.

Example Program Record Page:

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