How the U.S. Government Works & How to Get Involved

edX How the U.S. Government Works & How to Get Involved

Georgetown University
4-5 hours a week
6 weeks
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Feeling overwhelmed by modern-day politics? Looking to get involved but not sure where—or how—to start? Wondering what you can do to channel your energy into action and make a difference? This course is for you. Led by expert faculty from Georgetown University, How the Government Works & How to Get Involved offers a refresher on the fundamentals of American government in the context of what’s happening right now. You’ll leave the course with the tools you need to become an engaged, empowered citizen and make your voice heard.

This course will cover a range of topics including the structure, function, and organization of the three branches of government, proven strategies to influence government, the relationship between the government and the media, American foreign policy, and how U.S. citizens can actively participate in shaping the government.

How the U.S. Government Works & How to Get Involved is a self-paced course, which allows you to progress through the content at your own speed.

What you'll learn
By successfully completing this course you will be able to:
  • Explain the structure and responsibilities of the executive branch
  • Describe the leadership structure, committee structure, and legislative process of the legislative branch
  • Articulate the purpose, structure, operations, and political nature of the federal judiciary
  • Explain the purpose of interest groups, describe how to join an interest group, and discuss the responsibilities associated with being a member of an interest group
  • Discuss legal and economic issues surrounding the news media, explain the newsmaking process, and assess the legitimacy of news organizations and the reliability of information sources
  • Demonstrate how to get involved with the U.S. government and how to implement strategies to influence the newsmaking process
Taught by
Lynn Ross, Anne Cammisa, Mark Rom, Clyde Wilcox, Brooke Van Dam, Andrew Szarejko, Stacey Corcoran, Shenita Ray and Rong Zhu
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