Global Master of Business Administration (Global MBA)

Global Master of Business Administration (Global MBA)

  • Provider: Macquarie University
  • Platform: Coursera
  • Length: 12 - 18 months full-time (average 37.5 hours per week)
  • Nº Courses: 24courses
  • Cost: AUD $33,000
  • Format: Completely online
  • First class starting: May 6th, 2019
  • Early admission deadline: February 1st, 2019
  • Final Deadline: April 8th, 2019
  • Link to Degree Page: Global MBA | Degrees on Coursera
Tomorrow’s workplace is complex, challenging, and full of potential. Technology-enabled disruption is creating new markets and shifting the paradigm of how businesses work. Develop six key capabilities to succeed in the future with the Global MBA from top-ranked Macquarie University.

Strategising | Leading | Analysing | Influencing | Adapting | Problem Solving

Solve problems in high-impact teams, generate powerful strategic insights, influence your stakeholders, and adapt to a disrupted and accelerated world.

The Global MBA: where transformational learning is for everyone.

What makes this degree unique?
  • Designed for the future of work
    Uniquely structured around six key future-focused capabilities, the Global MBA prepares you for success in the world to come. You’ll master Strategising, Leading, Analysing, Influencing, Adapting, and Problem Solving while building knowledge in key subject areas.
  • Stackable and flexible
    In a first-of-its-kind pathway, students who do not meet the admissions criteria can still be accepted based on their performance in at least two Specialisations. You get to choose how much — or how little — you want to study. The model offers two pathways to the degree: direct admission or performance-based admission. Each pathway has different admission criteria. You can also get started by studying a single course.
  • Competitively priced and top-quality
    At AUD $33,000 for tuition and fees, the Global MBA is competitively priced in the online MBA market, making a top-quality MBA more accessible than ever.
  • Access to world-renowned faculty and industry
    Degree learners get access to instruction from best-in-class academics and industry leaders as well as other premium features such as live webinars, staff-graded assessments, podcasts, and other interactive high-engagement learning activities. You will also have the opportunity to attend local meetups in select countries.
  • Real problems to solve
    You will solve real-world problems by collaborating with a range of industry partners. All four courses in the Capstone will be co-created and co-delivered with industry partners to present you with a best-of-breed toolkit. You will be challenged to maximise your curiosity by testing the knowledge accumulated throughout the degree through distinct phases including ideation, solution development, and pitching.
  • Try before you buy
    Our partnership with Coursera means you get to try before you buy. All of the courses feature an open component, meaning you can experience the course before committing to the degree.
Who is this degree for:
The Global MBA from Macquarie University is designed for you, the future-focused professional. You might be an independent consultant, the owner of a family business, or a leader within your company. You are a self-starter who requires flexible online learning that doesn’t compromise on quality. You want access to leading faculty, industry experts, alumni, and networks. You want to develop capabilities that enable you to compete in a constantly changing labour market. You want learning that is meaningful and impactful. You are looking for the Global MBA.

Tuition fee for the full degree program is AUD $33,000. Financial aid and scholarships are not available currently.

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