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Coursera Genes and the Human Condition (From Behavior to Biotechnology)

University of Maryland, College Park via Coursera

  • Overview
  1. Coursera
    University of Maryland, College Park
    8 weeks
    5-8 hours a week
    Paid Certificate Available
    To acquire an understanding of the fundamental concepts of genomics and biotechnology, and their implications for human biology, evolution, medicine, social policy and individual life path choices in the 21st century.

    Introduction to Genetics
    Module One provides a foundational overview of genetics tools and principles.

    Know Thy Ancestors
    Module Two explores the field of comparative genomics and traces our emergence as a species.

    My Genes Made Me Do It
    Module Three examines the role genes play in our behavior.

    Midterm Exam
    Midterm covering material in Module One through Module Three.

    My Genes Didn't Make Me Do It
    Module Four considers our genes, epigenetics and our environment and how they impact our lives.

    An Introduction to Genetic Engineering and Learning the Lingo
    Module Five introduces the world of genetic engineering concepts and biotechnology.

    The Future is Now
    Module Six discusses the history of biotechnology, its role in our lives today, and its prospects for the future.

    Final Exam
    Final Exam covering material in Module Four through Module Six.

    Taught by
    Dr. Tammatha O'Brien and Dr. Raymond St. Leger

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