FutureLearn Falling Down: Problematic Substance Use in Later Life

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    Older people face specific issues in relation to problematic substance use. Demography and a growing ageing population make understanding these ever more important. But older people’s problems tend to be more invisible, both in care services and in substance use services.

    This online course brings these issues together from a health, social care, informal carer and public health point of view. It draws on international perspectives from experts in the UK, New Zealand, Australia and the USA, to compare and share knowledge, skills and best practice with the community.

    Who is the course for?
    • Professionals and support staff working in the area of problematic substance use.
    • Professionals and support staff working in ageing.
    • Older people, families and their community based networks who may be dealing with issues in their day to day lives.
    • Educators who wish to build their knowledge across disciplines and internationally.
    What topics will you cover?
    • Introduction to the issues concerning problematic substance use for older people, context, causes, recognition.
    • Comparison and sharing of knowledge, skills and expertise across different disciplines as well as internationally.
    • Identifying interventions and best practices to tackle the issues and promote health and wellbeing in ageing populations.
    • Developing a community of practice and networking on the issues.

    Taught by
    Carmel Clancy

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